Fall Short Of The Glory Of God – Phil Mikkelson

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I’ve been blessed, challenged, and encouraged by Pastor Matt’s series on the Glory of God. The account of his Grandpa sharing the Gospel with cut out paper figures is fantastic and unforgettable.

Every time I come to the word “glory” in the Bible, I stand in awe. The term “glory” means authentic or real.  Compare all the gods of this world. None is real.  None shine as does the thrice-holy Jehovah, who reveals Himself in the Word of God.

Years ago, I made a list in my Bible of what it means to come short of the Glory of God.  When explaining the Gospel from verses in the book of Romans, the Romans Road, I come to Romans 3:23, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” The glory of God needs an explanation. As sinners, of what do we come short. Countless times I’ve thought of that list or have looked again at it.

  1. We come short of personal righteousness. It is like Romans 3:10, “There is none righteous, no not one.”
  2. Righteousness in God’s eyes.  God requires perfection. We might redefine what is right or wrong, but God’s view never changes.  We need righteousness as God sees it.
  3. The image of God in man, the potential God made in man, all that we could have been if we had never sinned.
  4. Glorying of righteousness before God. Romans 3:27 “Where is boasting then? It is excluded.”
  5. Approval of God.  Just think of God’s rewarding man with all of his sin. God can not look on sin.
  6. The state of future glory-heaven.  We’ve come short of heaven.

I’ve thought of “coming short of the glory of God” with each of those interpretations.  All are true, and each of them is worthy of our meditation and gratitude.  I’m not sure where I got this list.  Perhaps it was from someone’s sermon long ago. I’m just thankful that God provided a way to eliminate my sin.